How do I apply?

Print out the Volunteer Application and bring it with you to one of our Volunteer Orientations held the first Saturday of each month at 10:00 am. 

All volunteers who are accepted into our program must attend orientation and complete OJT (on the job training) prior to their first scheduled shift.

What sort of time commitment is involved?

We ask for a minimum commitment to one day/shift per week for at least three months.

All volunteer shifts run up to 4 hours per week.

E808 hosts two barn shifts daily to feed and care for the horses: 6 – 10am, and 2-5pm.

Scheduling for Facilities Maintenance and Administrative volunteers is flexible, although we do still ask for a regular weekly time commitment and to learn Daily Care.

Who can volunteer?

We accept volunteers of all experience levels. However, volunteers must be in excellent physical condition and able to lift up to 50 pounds.

Independent volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

Children between the ages of 10 and 17 are required to volunteer with a parent or guardian and are limited to caring for the farm animals only. There is an exception granted for youth groups. School classes, 4-H clubs, Girl and Boy Scout Troops, etc. may apply to volunteer for a one-day project. Each group is required to have one adult supervisor per three youth.

Can my company, organization or club volunteer together?

Yes, please contact our office to discuss a potential Shelter Help Day. Group projects include gardening, fence and building maintenance, general barn clean-up, painting and maybe caring for the horses. 

What do volunteers do?

Below you'll find our daily shift schedules and a description of duties that must be completed within that time window. Maintenance, administrative and fundraising teams can work any of these shifts to perform their duties. After the orientation, we will discuss your availability and try to match you interest and skills where needed most.

6am-10am- Daily Care

This shift is strictly, but not limited to, feeding, medicating, watering and cleaning enclosures of all horses and farm animals. Shelter opens at 10am for business so we want to focus on getting the morning chores completed by 10am.

10am-2pm - Horse Handling, grooming, retraining and farm animal enrichment

This shift is a fun shift! This is your opportunity to work with the animals. This shift focuses on retraining or rehabing horses towards the common goal of being cleared for adoption. A staff member will assess each volunteer interested in volunteering for this shift (volunteers must be approved to work with horses) and go over training needs and protocols for each horse assigned to you. Turning horses out will be assigned during this shift only unless medically necessary.

Animal enrichment is a term used to describe various activities that we utilize to encourage natural behavior. We can do this by finding activities to increase the animal's physical and mental activity levels and stimulate natural behaviors which results in a healthier and happier animal! Items such as piñatas, puzzle feeders, toys and novelty foods work well. We just can't leave these items in their enclosures. They must be removed and stored at the end of the shift. You can bathe or groom all the animals too!

2pm-5pm - Daily Care

This shift focuses on feeding, medicating, watering and cleaning stalls for the second time (if necessary) of all horses and topping off waters for the farm animals. The shelter closes at 5pm to the public but volunteers can stay until 6pm to finish chores, lock office and check that all stalls and enclosures are secured.

Also, once you join our team and are on schedule, we would like you to join us on our Facebook Equine 808 Volunteer Support page. Lots of great information from fundraising to horse training and educational clinics are posted here. Plus, this is a great way to meet other volunteers, ask questions and stay informed. donating your time for this important work on behalf of our horses.

Note: Although volunteers will gain experience working around horses, the primary goal of our Volunteer Program is to complete chores and provide basic equine care. It is not designed to be a riding lesson or horsemanship training program. If you are interested in equine education, E808 regularly offers classes and clinics for both the general public and volunteers.

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