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Educational Horse Care & Control Program

 Parent and Child (ages 4-6) - $60/1hr

 Spring/Summer Camp (ages 6-12) - $150/5 days

 Youth Day at the Ranch - (ages 10-16) - $150/4hrs

 Individual Lessons (ages 6-17) - $350/8wks

 Troop Badge Program - (2-4 hrs) - $35/per scout #___________

 Birthday Party - $375/10 kids - $10/add #_________

 Group Pony Ride - $200 .00 #_____________

 Field Trip –(1hr) $5/preschool / $10/5yr-over #___________ #________________

 Teachers/Chaperones - $10.00 - #________________

Date: ___________Time: :_____________ Total $_____________

Medical: Does your child or anyone in your group have any known allergies or medical conditions we should be aware of? Please list here: ___________________________________________________________

I authorize a E808 representatives to arrange for emergency medical transport and treatment for me, my child or anyone in my group should the need arise.  yes  No

I give my permission to have photographs, drawings or videos of me, my child, or anyone in my group participating in horse-related activities to be used for promotional purposes (not to be identified by name)    Yes  No

Cancellation Days: Due to inclement weather, lameness, or other conditions and situations not in the instructor’s control, classes or events may be cancelled. However, management will schedule a make-up or rain day accordingly.

Refunds: No refunds for any reason. You may be able to transfer your credits to another event, week, or time.

Rules: During any educational course you, your child and guests are to stay in designated areas at all times. No wondering around ranch grounds. This is a working ranch. For the safety of all , any child who continues to be unwilling or unable to comply with the rules of the ranch will not be allowed to continue.





Please be advised that horses are subject to unpredictable acts. They may startle, buck, rear, kick, bite or run away. You are cautioned that the riding of horses is potentially dangerous. Boots with heels and ATSM-approved riding helmets are recommended to help you minimize the risk of serious injury. Riding helmets are required for anyone under the age of 18. We strongly advise the purchase of your own equestrian helmet and that it be properly fitted for you. We cannot be held responsible for the performance of any horse or helmet, particularly one that is not your own. Please understand that you are undertaking this activity at your own risk and that, under Colorado law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities - due to the inherent risks of such activities.

By signing below, you agree along with any member of your family or guests covered under this agreement that this is a working ranch and to release Equine 808 Horse Rescue from any and all negligence and to indemnify and hold harmless Equine 808 Horse Rescue its agents, contractors, vendors, members, family and employees from any and all claims, damages and losses to personal property, injuries, death and expenses arising out of or resulting from participation in this and any activity on this working ranch. You also agree that in the event of arbitration, any and all legal fees incurred by Equine 808 Horse Rescue for any reason, shall be paid by the endorser of this contract.

I have read the above and understand the conditions under which myself, child or guests are participating in this event/program.

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