Equine 808 Horse Rescue is a non-profit 501c3 Organization. It is our mission and duty to help every horse that comes into our program. Whether it be physical limitations from neglect to behavioral problems from abuse. We are committed to rehabilitate or re-train all horses and then find them approved, qualified homes through our adoption program.

We also offer resources to our community and help horse owners and horse lovers with proper horse care and management through our educational programs.

How can you help? Our Donation Giving Program creates a legacy that reflexts your compassion and concern for the protection and welfare of Hawaii's horses and will benefit the care of the rescued equines at our shelter, as well as assist other equines in jeopardy. We thank you in advance for your kind donation. Every bit helps! Keep in mind that your donation is also tax deductable! You do not have to be a member of Paypal to donate. Click here to pay by credit/debit card only.


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Volunteer Coordinator   (OPEN)       Sarah Allen - Events Coordinator (on-site events)

Jana Eligado - Fundraising Coordinator (off-site events)     

Crystal Smith - Equine Assessment Team Lead

Michelle Blacconiere - Equine Behavioral Specialist/Adoptions

Rachel Buthorne - Barn Manager                  Facility Maintenance Lead (OPEN)